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About Us

Every hotel guest is a guest of all the hotels in our chain.Our goal is to give you the opportunity for vacation stay like nowhere else.

All events we hold, all activities, all restaurants and hotels’ animities are OPEN FOR ALL PILIPILI GUESTS. You are no longer commited to spend the time only in your hotel – one reservation allows you to enjoy everything that is happening in PiliPili. And there is A LOT going on everyday!


Pick one hotel, or don’t limit yourself – you can mix your stay between them. One week in the city and the other in the apartment with jacuzzi? We’ve got you!


Forget about the same boring  show that repeats itself. In PiliPili you will do something diferent everyday. We enjoy our time TOGETHER, and TOGETHER we have fun.


In each restaurant you will taste different, unique menu. We also change the special lunch and dinner menu everyday. Choose what you have the appetite for, & feel the luxury of eating in different restaurant everyday!


Each PiliPili hotel has a unique style- and we want you to see and use it! Would you like to swim in the roof pool in PiliPili Sunrise? You are welcome. Would you like to relax on the sunbed in Uhuru? Join us!

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